Threefold System for Holistic Growth


Assess where you are and where you want to reach in terms of your vision, goals, strengths, and weaknesses.


Keep track of your progress through PAR: Plan-Act-Reflect, to achieve your goals.


Remember the most important details in your life that shouldn’t be missed.

Plan On Paper

We endorse the simplest and age-old tradition of writing as the most effective planning and organizing tool.

Writing or Plan on Paper (PoP) brings our three senses– think, touch, and see– together via the brain, hands, and eye coordination, which improves focus and understanding.

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I wanted a daily layout, and space. I really like the layout and the size. It’s very helpful and detailed. The layout really meets everything I wanted in a planner. I like that it has room for everything ranging from Work Schedule to do List to Monitoring health related activities. It also Has an Amazing feature to write Carry Forward task which helps me planning the Subsequent days Activities Without any efforts. It’s very well designed. It has all the features I look for in planner-style notebooks like. Thanks and best wishes. Awaiting ro start new year with IBegin Pro Version.


Senior Manager at Adani Electricity


Earlier I used to managed my daily task on App and Google Calendar, and it works out well for me, Though I started using this planner, it actually improve my productivity and by writing down things helps me to figure out, what actually important and what can be carry forward next! Writing down things helped me in prioritizing things in day to day life!!! Compare to setup todo lists on phone sometime leads to open social media Apps which will leads to distraction, I discovered that writing down things with no distractions gives more clarity! I will recommend to write down compare to digital way! Looking forward for the pro version of diary!




Kaizen is a tool for continues improvement. Same way IBegin planner is a tool to plan your days, month and year in an effective way. It makes your uncomfortable everyday and helps to bring your life on track to very extent through its planning, action and reflection approch. It helped me a lot to manage my task. Mahendra is taking feedback from me & users to develop new version, which is fantastic. Kudos to Mahendra Kapady and 1Beginner Systems. Excited to see the new your version. Looking forward.


Account Executive at Maersk

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Founder and creator 1Beginner Systems
Designer and editor
Finance consultant