About Us

“An idea can change your life.” However, ideas don’t work unless you do the work. You may have the best intentions, but the intentions need to be acted on. And acting, is easier said than done. At 1Beginner Systems, we aim to help people close the gap between intentions and actions. If you intend to grow through action, you have reached at right place.

1Beginner Systems, a Mahendra Kapady venture, is committed to creating tools to help individuals plan, organise, and keep them motivated to stay on plans.

Our Story

The conception of iBegin took place in November 2020 with Mahendra’s own attempt to build a customize tool to organise himself. After browsing through a number of digital planners and productivity tools, which by the way are helpful, he realised that a physical planner can be even more effective

A search for a physical tool or system that would be functional and easier to use led to the inception of designing iBegin. As the idea rolled out, a team of friends pitched in, put their heads together, and devised a planner. Mahendra’s brainchild, nurtured with the help of his friends Anirudh Nayak, Aparna Joshi, Pallavi Murarka, and Vishakha Thakur grew into a growth companion.


iBegin planner has been found to be effective in organising day-to-day life and enhancing productivity by most users since then.


We have been continuously working on making self-development tools with the aim of helping people organise their lives and achieve their goals.

Be Productive

We are also working on creating self-development tools suitable to needs of individuals in different stages of life.

Our Team

Mahendra Kapadi
Founder and creator 1Beginner Systems
Designer and editor
Finance consultant